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Andreas Hegenberg ⸬ 05 April 2018, 13:32 ⸬ Munich, DE ⸬ Apple
@Simon save this json file to your computer:

Then go to the BetterTouchTool preferences and click "manage presets", then click the import button.
Andreas Hegenberg ⸬ 05 April 2018, 10:13 ⸬ Munich, DE ⸬ Apple
BetterTouchTool author here :-)
Thanks a lot for the cool guide (and for the critique which is definitely welcome and valid. I'm just starting to work on the Touch Bar functionalities again after having created them about a year ago).

I think you have an important point in that it should be possible to update widgets from outside of BTT.
So this morning I have made a few changes and added the ability to either trigger the widget's script via Apple Script or via a custom URL (btt://refreshwidget/uuid) or to update the content of a widget via either Apple Script or a custom URL.

Triggering a custom url should be easily possible from within a Browser extension (e.g. via window.location or

This will be available in the next alpha later today and I'd appreciate feedback on whether this helps your usecase ( or on Github: ). :: twitter :: instagram :: facebook :: github