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Leo Tindall ⸬ 06 April 2018, 13:39 ⸬ Beloit, US ⸬ Linux
> MacBooks treated us well, and any other laptop feels like a cheap plastic toy nailed to the floor.

Uh. Have you used any non-Apple laptops that cost more than $700?

> MacOS is still the best [...] What else do we have? Ubuntu? To use Photoshop in Wine? To watch Plasma crashes like in good old days? No, thanks.

This makes me think you haven't tried a Linux-based operating system SINCE the "good old days". Works fine, nowadays.

> RAM usage: Useless. In modern OS it's always nearly 100%. That's natural.

If you include buffers and cache, maybe, but why would you? Or do you mean that your applications often use nearly 100% memory? If so, I hate to break it to you, but that's a symptom of your ridiculously expensive laptop... not having enough RAM.

I know these seem like pointless gripes, but like... why are you such a jerk to people who use Linux? You spend time in three separate places making fun of Linux users. What the heck does that accomplish? :: twitter :: instagram :: facebook :: github