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Duncan ⸬ 29 July 2019, 09:42 ⸬ Rangeville, AU ⸬ Linux
Tiny slow lens? Tiny yes - and with multiple aspherical surfaces, no doubt - but my Galaxy 8 has an f1.7 lens. Not slow at all.

As for 2010, Justin Bieber and Dubai: that was 6 years after my first 2-megapixel camera, so we certainly did have half-decent digital resolution by 2010. The 15-megapixel Canon 500D appeared in 2009. The iPhone 3 of 2009 had a 3MP sensor, and the 4 of 2010 had 5MP.

And this statement: "Even with a tripod, it was impossible to shot such pictures by opening the shutter once for two hours. You had to calculate all the settings beforehand, and the slightest shaking would spoil the whole shot." We've been shooting multi-hour star trail pics on film for decades, using experience to guide exposure settings; not impossible at all - not even difficult. The problem with digital is long-exposure noise; that's why we now take 30-second exposures and stack them.

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