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J ('try Billy') ⸬ 25 June 2018, 18:43 ⸬ Stockholm, SE ⸬ Apple
Sorry, it looks like too much work for little result.

I only interact with the touch bar when I sit down at the computer then I change volume and brightness and then I never look back.

For me it's a no-touch-bar.

Sure, I use the touch bar occasionally to access the escape and function keys when really necessary.

But it breaks my workflow since I have to "look down" and figure out what is going on down there. I really avoid using it as much as possible.

Yes. It would be nice to have a system wide touch bar displaying custom widgets like clock, weather, cpu etcetera.

But personally I would prefer it to display RSS news a like a scrolling text spanning the full with of the bar. I mean that would be a really useful since the dimensions are really optimal for scrolling text.

But this is Apple and their message to their customers is FU.

I mean the users are not even allowed to change theme anymore. It really confuses me that the user is still allowed to change the desktop wallpaper. It doesn't make any sense, Apple wise. People should be working so they can buy more Apple products right, not changing wallpapers?

I will wait for the hack that takes full control of the touch bar. Full width scrolling text, system wide, customizable. Taking control of some space the corner is not for me.

Nice work and effort but no. :: twitter :: instagram :: facebook :: github