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Gandalf ⸬ 24 July 2018, 15:40 ⸬ Bronshoj, DK ⸬ Apple
@J ('try Billy')

So you'd rather have a constantly distracting bar of RSS news instead of something actually productivity related? Well, each to their own I guess. I'd sooner want to physically destroy my touch bar than having it bombard me with news.

I do agree that a better first-party user friendly friendly interface should be made for customizing the touch bar. Like what BTT does, just from Apple.

> You click the Finder, but instead opening a new window at the same screen, it carries you away somewhere. Just because there's another Finder window opened there. And it's fucking impossible to fix that with standard MacOS tools.

Try this, it fixed a lot of frustration for me with using multiple spaces and switching apps:

defaults write workspaces-auto-swoosh -bool NO
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