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Bart0 ⸬ 08 August 2018, 23:42 ⸬ New York, US ⸬ Apple
@vas3k Thanks for the info. I'll keep trying or contact the dev directly. Are your presets are breaking after each update even once they've been imported? Is it possible to export your and others' presets as the correct `.bttpreset` format?
Bart ⸬ 08 August 2018, 11:57 ⸬ New York, US ⸬ Apple
@vas3k ☝️
Bart0 ⸬ 07 August 2018, 02:47 ⸬ New York, US ⸬ Apple
Hey all! Non-technical guy here: all the JSON feeds uploaded here and on the github seem to be un-importable for me. Always get the "wrong file format"error after trying to import prefs. Is there a trick I don't know about? :: twitter :: instagram :: facebook :: github