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Donna ⸬ 12 October 2019, 17:18 ⸬ Battle Ground, US ⸬ Apple
Very good article - love the links to sources and references. But - I am one of those people who forked out for the L16 early on (I don't think they ever sold it as high as the list price you mentioned) and even though by the end of this year, 2019, it will officially be an orphan - it is a wonderful camera. I download its raw files to desktop, convert to DNG, and work from there in Photoshop. The amount of color data in its DNG is easily visually better than a jpg. After L16 improved them, night shots are very good. I have a benign tremor in my hands. You'd think I'd get nothing but blur - not so. Sharp - even hand held at night most of the time. The ability to print a ~20"x30" print at 360 dpi is unmatched by any cell phone. It's not as good as the top DSLRs - but it's a lot more portable, and no messing about with changing lenses. I want a better computational camera, not a cell phone snapshotter, and I'll pay for it, after this experience with the L16. (May it live forever.) :: twitter :: instagram :: facebook :: github