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Xiaosheng ⸬ 12 December 2018, 01:43 ⸬ Singapore, SG ⸬ Apple
"Despite that, AppleScript is fun. You feel like playing a text RPG when coding."

This made my day, LOL

For touch bar, I actually just kept brightness buttons*2, mission control to be combined with cmd to show desktop, esc by default, and that's all. I put them in original keyboard positions so I could still use muscular memory. I don't even use the esc, because it is too far away for any vim user. Btw I have caps lock binded to esc.

I don't see the necessity for any other keys on a touch based interface that is right next to a bunch of switch mechanisms which make them comparably easier to be triggered (unexpectedly, often).

For launching an App I always use Alfred, not even dock. I reserve dock probably just for my colleague, in case I need to pass them my laptop.

I guess the name of video/music playing could be cool, but then again touch bar is usually obstructed by my (relatively large) hands, a glance on the screen is much simpler and faster.

Now I just want my normal keyboard back. With the fking TRAVEL of the keys too. I hate to say this about Apple products since I am always a huge fan, but new MBP sucks. Typing is a disaster, as bad as the touch bar. And no MagSafe? Fk it. :: twitter :: instagram :: facebook :: github