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Why ⸬ 16 March 2019, 19:25 ⸬ Bennington, US ⸬ Windows
I understand this sort of automation is "exciting", however my own experience with such a system in a (similarly sized?) apartment box is that there is no added value. #dumbasshome saves little to no time and introduces annoying (however improbable) risks and extra maintenance. As a fellow (ex) bike commuter, I would mention that if you need to add some extra cyberpunk to the pile of l33t computers you call home, ditch the bike for a robust electric skateboard. You get to do lots of FUN configuring of electronics (provided you buy open source controllers), get places faster and have less of a storage problem when you get to destination. Until you have 3000 sq. feet, just walk the damn 20 and turn the kettle on. When you do have 3000, go with an industrial control system.

Also, the Worms franchise is dope. Cheers. :: twitter :: instagram :: facebook :: github